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please bring me a pizza

dogs are so cool i love dogs a lot

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haven’t been drawing enough lately, and that’s the gospel truth

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Anonymous asked: What is most difficult to draw for you?

ooooo i really stink at drawing correctly-aligned eyes.  even if i sketch down a guideline, they usually end up being at least slightly skewed like 100% of the time, which stems from me both writing and drawing on a slant, and it’s hard for me to recognize it at first unless i flip the paper over or something.  i also suck at drawing straight-on front views of characters!!  i always fuck up on the shoulder-to-chest area, so 3/4’s are my cop-out hahaha

also vehicles suck but to be honest i’ll probably just try to skate around those until my future job hangs in jeopardy because i’ll be like 30 years old and i won’t know how to draw one WHOOP DEE DOO


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its just tits everywhere man

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Anonymous asked: why do the girls in your drawings have such thin waists?

oh for crying out loud don’t you have school or a job to worry about get lost

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how do paint

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every young lady should carry mace for protection

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i’m spamming so much but drawing in this style makes me feel like i’m in first grade again and it’s the best feeling so here’s a selfie!  happy birthday to meee

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couldn’t pick a color scheme for his design so here’s both i guess!
(´−`) ン

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my little brother always watches me draw on my tablet but whenever i ask if he wants to try he just yells “THAT’S NOT REAL PAPER” and runs out of the room

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